Can Internet Marketers Make Money by Self Publishing eBooks for Kindle?

Self Publishing eBooks
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One of the hottest selling holiday gifts this year are personal reading devices such as Kindle and Nook.
It has become increasingly popular in the internet marketing community to try take advantage of this trend by self publishing ebooks through these channels. Marketers who have not yet jumped on the bandwagon may be wondering if Kindle publishing is a good way to make money online.

In the past, some people advocated uploading public domain content to Kindle. Others suggested that the fastest way to make money through e-book publishing was to rewrite and sell PLR. Since then Amazon has announced that public domain titles and content that can be found online for free will no longer be sold on Kindle. Since then they have weeded out much of the duplicate content.

Can internet marketers still make money through Kindle publishing with these restrictions? Yes, it is possible if you write high-quality original content, follow some formatting guidelines, and market your e-books once they are online.

Content – While the days of making money by offering rehashed PLR through Kindle are over, there is always a market for high-quality, original content on a popular topic. When you are self publishing books, you may want to do the same kind of keyword research you would before writing website content. The best topics have an interested audience and low competition. Prospective buyers can read a sample of your Kindle e-book before they buy. Be sure your sample page compels them to read more. This is not the place for simple self-promotion.

Formatting – Formatting your Kindle e-book well can be the difference between selling a couple copies and selling hundreds or thousands of copies. Choose a killer title that will catch people’s attention. At the same time, your title should contain keywords for your topic to give it a good chance of showing up in Google results. Take your time to write an interesting, concise description that is free of grammatical errors. You can also attract attention to your book by including an eye-catching 2D cover. Look through some of the top sellers in your niche to see what is working.

Marketing – Some people think that once you write your e-book and upload it to Kindle, Amazon will take care of the marketing and sales for you. While Amazon does take care of order processing, your sales are likely to be low if you do not do any marketing yourself. Be sure to let your list know about your e-book once it is available. You can also promote your e-book through traditional means like article marketing, social media marketing, and building backlinks. Kindle products do better once they have some positive reviews. You may want to ask a couple trusted friends if they would mind buying the book and leaving an honest review to get you started.

People are making money using Kindle, but it has to be done in the right way. Quickly rehashing PLR and uploading it for sale on Amazon is not going to earn you the money you are hoping to make. If you want to be a successful Kindle publisher you need to write high-quality content, create a great title and description, and market your e-book until you reach success with Kindle publishing.

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