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How to build backlinks
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As internet marketers, one of our main goals is to get more people to our site – more traffic equals more money. One main way of increasing traffic to your sites includes getting backlinks from relevant blogs. This process may begin by us spending time finding and reading relevant blogs. Then we write an outstanding comment and hope that it gets approved so that we can get a high-quality backlink. Unfortunately, this process often ends with us finding out that our comment was not approved. There are many ways that we can improve our blog comments so that the site owner will publish them.

Comment Specifically on the Post

One reason that your comments may get denied is that they do not say anything specifically related to the blog post. Some people who are attempting to get links use a generic statement such as “I really enjoyed this blog post. It was very informative”. This does not relate to the blog post at all. People in charge of approving or denying the comment will probably look at this and decide that it has no relevance to their blog. In order to provide a relevant blog comment you must read the post. After reading, pick out 1-3 statements that you enjoyed and comment on them.

Keep it Short

The main focus of your comment should be the person’s blog. People who think that long blog comments will get them approved are often mistaken. You do not want to overshadow the blog post. If you have chosen to talk about three points, write three short paragraphs.

What’s Your Name?

Many people who are trying to get backlinks through blog comments place a keyword in the name section. People who are internet marketing savvy may delete this type of comment immediately. Site owners want their readers to be able to connect with you as a person and not as a link. Using your name adds a personal touch that will be appreciated.

Linking to your site

Many people make the mistake of automatically linking to their site within the text of their comment. On some blogs, this may be considered spam and get your comment deleted. You should place your link in the section provided. If your site offers relevant information to that specific blog post, then it is probably acceptable to place it within the blog comment.

Writing blog comments can a great way to build backlinks to your site in order to improve traffic. However, you may waste valuable time writing blog comments that will just get denied. By following these few simple steps you can improve your comment approval rate, increase your traffic, and make more money.


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  1. piixeu
    722 days ago

    Hallo this all sounds great. But a question i have about wos. I need this all in german.

  2. Mickhey
    709 days ago

    Hi Simon,

    I have a question here, can u tell me how to do the FB page appear as just like yours at the right handside. Thanx.

  3. Tom Harvey
    695 days ago


    Great to see the first 2 commenters really pay attention to the actual article, classic case study which you could build in!

    As a fellow blog owner (albeit one undergoing some update work) always amusing to see some of the automated stuff that comes through and clearly evidences bots/people not reading the article and just searching for any links, not realising that the big G has moved on and its all about relevancy.

    One of the main points I would add is that quality comments can earn you kudos and reputation with more experienced marketers/experts in your field. I have been able to attract a few well known “gurus” to reply back to my comments and even in some cases visit my blog and return comments just through making valuable insightful posts. Anyhow – must go and sort my blog out as hopefully you will pay me a visit in return.

    All the best


  4. George L
    695 days ago

    I totally agree with you! Most comments are generic statements.That’s why I don’t have a comments section on my blog! Thanks for this article.

  5. Simon
    695 days ago

    Thats exactly right, I use a plugin called Akismet which does a pretty good job of flagging up the SPAM and then I approve comments which are clearly genuine.

    The fact is, there is an SEO benefit to having active commenting on your site, it shows freshness and interaction, not to mention it lowers bounce rate in most cases.

    Another tip is even if someone does post a great comment, always click through to the site they are using in their profile. If it looks like a SPAMMY site then you can delete the URL from the comment whilst leaving the comment up.

    You will get penalised for outbound links to low quality sites.


  6. claude
    693 days ago


    Can you told me if the blog comment still working after or not after last google update?


  7. Marcy
    680 days ago

    You are right! I immediately delete a comment if it looks like they didn’t read the article. There’s just a lot of spam out there! I really appreciate your emphasis on genuine comment posts! Nice article.

  8. mfyaacub
    679 days ago

    That’s true. All my website with a wp base receive too many spam daily.
    Then, I use Recaptcha WordPress Plugin to solve this problem.

  9. Richard
    673 days ago

    Is it just me, or do the first 8 comments have nothing to do with the topic of this blog. It’s a perfect example of what you’re talking about.

  10. Andy P
    672 days ago

    Hi Simon,

    I am a blog owner too and the amount of SPAM comments I get is amazing. As a matter of course I never accept them and get Akismet to mark them as SPAM.
    Although they are great at getting backlinks, they are pretty time consuming so personally I leave comments to engage with the article and the backlinks are just a bonus.


    Andy P

  11. mfyaacub
    440 days ago

    Great post and useful for my new website to generate more traffic.

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