Training - Work On The Sofa

Please do not get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information here, you should try to use this site as a reference point. Go through the training andecide on a project you are going to take on. Whether that is developing a product or building an authority site.

The important thing is to take action, don’t spend your life learning, use this information to come back to when you need help with something.

And don’t forget, I am always here for help and advice.


Backlink Boost is my flagship SEO training course. Here you will find everything you need to know about perfectly optimizing your websites and ensuring your site is ranking high up the search engines.

The YouTube Heist will show you how to perfectly optimize your videos and force them in high positions in search engines. I will also teach you how to generate affiliate income from product reviews..

Total Niche Takeover is a course that will teach you how to create huge authority websites that Google will love and will bring in huge amounts of traffic. I also suggest a few techniques that will make the process as easy as possible!

SEblitz is my most advanced traffic generation course. Inside this training you will find every traffic system you will ever need to make sure you have a flood of visitors to your site. Advanced SEO strategies, free traffic systems and paid traffic training all add up to a comprehensive traffic training course.

Total Warrior Takeover is the course that will make you the most money fastest from all my training. This course will show you everything you need to know about creating products and launching them on the popular Internet Marketing forum, The Warrior Forum. The information in this course has generated me over $200,000 this year alone. Do not underestimate it. Get stuck in!