Protecting Your Digital Products – a Losing Battle?

Protect Digital products
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Have you ever searched Google for the name of your digital product? If you do, you may see your work available for free on file sharing sites. You may even find someone selling pirated copies on a site like Fiverr. This is especially true if you create a product that becomes popular.

Is it possible to keep your digital product secure?

If you are delivering your content via a “thank you” page, it is fairly easy for someone to grab your product without paying. They may then share the download link with others. Thank you pages leave your link open and unprotected. If you still want to continue using this method, at least take these two steps to hide your delivery page.

1. Encrypt your payment links. If you don’t, people can see your “thank you” page URL in the source code.
2. Add the following html code to your delivery URL: This stops search engines from crawling the page and making it available to searchers.

Want to add an extra layer of protection to your digital products?

Depending on your budget, consider investing in either e-junkie or DLGuard. Both of these programs can stop people from distributing your download URL. They do this by limiting the number of times a buyer can download your product. You can also set a time limit for downloads.

Because the download link expires quickly, it doesn’t make much sense for people to post it on shareware sites. On the other hand, once someone has downloaded your product, they can still share it online.

Another way to make your product more difficult to steal is to offer it in an alternative format. For example, you could break the content into smaller pieces and promote it as an email course.

If you are continuously providing new content to your customers, or have numerous resources for them, a membership site may be your best option. Wishlist and Digital Access Pass are considered two of the best.

These methods DO make it harder for the average customer to steal and share your digital product. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always stop the experienced online thief who will find a way around all of our safeguards. You may still search for your product and see it available on file sharing sites.

Before you get too frustrated with the situation, realize that at least you are in good company. Microsoft spends tons of money trying to protect their products, yet pirated copies still exist.

When you think about it, you are probably not losing many sales. The people who steal digital products generally wouldn’t buy them anyway, and the people who want to buy them usually aren’t looking for a loophole to get them for free.

Hey, if you brand your digital products well, you may even get free marketing. Be sure to brand each page and include links back to your site. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get some additional sales from someone who wanted to “try before they buy”.

Bottom Line – If you create a product that people download, there are people who can figure out how to steal it. The good news is that there are things you can do to make it harder for would-be pirates.

My advice? Create the best products possible, brand them well, do what you can to protect them, and treat your customers well. The rest will take care of itself.

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